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Top 3 Automated SEO Tools For Greyhat & Blackhat SEO

Top 3 Automated SEO Tools For Greyhat & Blackhat SEO

Let’s be honest; it’s very tedious and time consuming to post blog comments, join forums, submit to social bookmarking websites, submit to article directors, upload PDF documents everywhere, and submit your RSS feeds manually across the internet.

Below you’ll find some excellent automated tools that will do everything for you if you’re super lazy. If you use automated tools as recommended per the developers, you’ll rank very fast for competitive keywords.

If you abuse automated tools and try to build 1000 backlinks per day, then you’ll just shoot yourself in the foot. Automated tools are best used for tier 2 backlinks. The automated tools below are VERY powerful, so there’s no need to overdo it.

Top 3 Automated SEO Tools:

Magic Submitter

Bonus Tip #1

Do you need to create unique articles fast? Yes! Use Article Builder. With Article Builder, you can create hundreds or even thousands of unique articles in seconds. You can submit these articles to article directories, or just post them on your website. Watch the short video on their website for more details: ArticleBuilder.

Bonus Tip #2

Sign up for free with Affilorama. They have over 100 free training videos teaching you
how to improve your SEO and marketing efforts. I learned a lot by watching their videos,
and they’re also the creators of the Traffic Travis software: Affliorama

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