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How To Start A Blog and Make $5000 Every Month from it [Blogging Tutorial]

How To Start A Blog

Want to begin a weblog and get paid through blogging?

From the last 11 years,  Trickradar has been teaching about running a blog to millions of users around the world and we are also publishing earnings reviews each month that will help you begin a blog and live a md-unfastened life.

After all, What’s higher than following your passion and making passive earnings alongside. None the less, it’s a remarkable manner to start building your on-line profession that could assist you attain the brand new heights.

The purpose for starting to your blog might be a lot of these:

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Sharing your information
  • Social impact
  • Documenting your thoughts

Or any other.

For a starter, right here are some of the questions you need to be asking to begin a blog:

  • Where need to you start a weblog? (Platform for blogging)
  • What area of interest you have to pick? (Blog subject matter)
  • What must be your domain call?
  • How to buy the domain name?
  • Where need to you host your blog?
  • How to buy hosting for your domain name?
  • How to install your blog at the domain name?
  • Design of your weblog
  • Essential factors to make your blog shine
  • How to write the primary blog submit

In this guide, you may find solutions to these kinds of questions and could be capable of begin a blog.

So seize a cup of coffee and read on for your new adventure.

Here are the stairs to start a blog:

Step 1: Picking the weblog topic
Step 2: Select the running a blog platform
Step 3: Pick a domain name & web hosting for your blog
Step 5: Install WordPress at the weblog (Tutorial is given underneath)
Step 6: Setup the layout of the blog
Step 7: Install the first-rate WordPress plugins
Step 8: Write your first weblog publish
Step 9: Share your writeup with the arena
Step 10: Monetize your weblog

Step 11: Master it and become your personal boss

If you understand the solution to a number of these steps, flow to the next one and store time.

Note: To make it less complicated if you want to take motion, I’m suggesting most effective the ones alternatives in terms of platform, website hosting which might be running for every person.

How To Start A Blog From Scratch and with No Experience

This guide is created for customers like you who're simply beginning out and is aware of a touch or nothing about blogging.

Within the following few mins, you'll have your weblog up and going for walks.

And its also going to be higher than maximum of the opposite blogs at the internet.

Step 1: Pick a Blog name & area call to your weblog

Domain Name:

  1. Easy to don't forget
  2. Easy to type
  3. Easy to pronounce.

Just recollect those three secrets and techniques when choosing a site call in your weblog.

Name of your blog is the maximum crucial component for success. A area call is the URL of a blog which a tourist will use to open a blog.

For instance; www.trickradar.co.in

When you start a weblog on BlogSpot or WordPress.Com platform, you get an address like name.Blogspot.Com and call.WordPress.Com.

A custom domain name is like www.trickradar.co.in, for which we want to pay  $12/yr. However, I actually have shared a trick below a good way to assist you shop this $12 on area purchase.

Now, there are some policies with the intention to help you to choose the best name for your new weblog. Here are a number of the tips from my revel in:

  • Prefer .Com area name above the whole thing else.
  • Your area call ought to be clean to pronounce and clean to kind.
  • Make sure your domain call should now not be confusing to the listener.

You can use Godaddy domain suggestion function to test in case your domain name is available or not. Simply enter any phrase which you have picked in your blog and it will additionally show you to be had domain name guidelines.

My proposal is to be creative and follow the 3 guidelines I shared above. Here are a few belongings you ought to no longer do whilst deciding on the area call on your new blog:

  • Don’t use a too lengthy domain call. Try to preserve it lower than 12 characters. Ex: Trickradar
  • Don’t use area extension like .Info, .Internet and so on, because they have a tendency to rank horrific in Search engines. I usually pick and propose to use a domain name extension like .Com or .Org.

Picking the hosting to start the weblog:

Now, allow us to build our weblog on a website hosting.

Web-website hosting is wherein WordPress may be established. This is a server which stays on line 24*7 and all of your future blog images, your weblog design and the whole thing may be stored on this server (website hosting).

That is how your website could be up and going for walks 24*7.

The excellent aspect is, hostings are cheap.

There are plenty of web hosting service vendors but on your blog:

Godaddy is the idlest choice because it gives the whole lot you need to create a blog. Features like:

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain call (Saving of $12/year)
  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • Live chat guide
  • 30 days cash again gurantee

Here is the cool part:

Once you're done shopping for website hosting + domain name, Godaddy will mechanically install the WordPress software program to your domain name.

That method your blog is installed and now comes the cool stuff which is some thing each beginner blogger enjoy.

Set up your weblog

The first-rate thing about Godaddy (as you spot in the above video) is, it will robotically installation the blog for you. However, you are not executed, as you need to complete a few things earlier than you'll write your first blog publish

To begin putting in your weblog for branding and make it perfect, I have shared some guides which you may talk over with get started:

Step 1: Select the Blogging Platform

The first solution you ought to have is, where should you create your weblog?

There are many running a blog systems out there, and people have extraordinary reviews approximately every of them.

Most of the Bloggers begin running a blog on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is popular as it’s smooth to apply.

Here is an interesting truth: 30% of the websites inside the international is powered with the aid of WordPress.

Once you've got crossed the checking out duration, you are equipped to do some thing extra significant. Get a WordPress weblog, and don’t confuse yourself with WordPress.Com and self-hosted WordPress -blog.

A self-hosted WordPress weblog (WordPress.Org) is what you need. It method you'll be installing WordPress on your personal web hosting and getting a website. This procedure is straightforward & within the further section, you'll additionally learn how to do that.

Step 3: What your weblog is about? (Niche)

The first actual factor you want to do is find the area of interest of your blog. By niche, I imply locating a subject that your blog goes to be about.

I desire you don’t plan to blog approximately each random element and make cash. This doesn’t work in 2019 and your probabilities of fulfillment are better when you blog on a unmarried topic.

You is probably a jack of all trades, and need to begin a blog on a couple of topics, however it'll not be fruitful, as human beings like to subscribe to a weblog, which is an expert on a specific topic.

Moreover, Google which is the most important seek engine prefers a internet site which is constructed on a unmarried topic. For example, Trickradar subject matter is “blogging,” and that’s how you observed us.

Now, the massive question is

a way to find the subject of your weblog?

Here are some hints that will help you to get started:

  •  Find a topic which you realize better than every body else. It doesn’t have to be the activity you are doing, and it is able to be something. Try to reflect onconsideration on the topic that you ordinarily like to speak about, and you can without difficulty speak approximately it for hours.

  • The desirable concept is to select a subject that you usually examine about. The topic that you study approximately all the time is something that hobbies you.

  • Also, make certain you have a eager interest in a particular topic, and you may add values together with your personal insight.

  • For novices, I usually recommend to take the assist of pen-paper and write down the topics in one-of-a-kind columns that you like. For ex: Motivation, Fashion, Technology, Finance, Photography, Scientific studies, Babycare, health care and so forth. Now, try and write 20 post ideas for the ones different columns. When you're writing the publish identify, think about what you may write without taking reference. By the end of the 20th article, it'll assist you to find the topic (Niche) that you just like the maximum.

This is a vital step before beginning a weblog, as it will help you to pick out a topic which you are most obsessed on.

This will make certain that you may now not burn out whilst your weblog goes live.

If you're picking a topic which you like to talk approximately and write about, it'll ensure that your burn out period will in no way come. So, I anticipate you've got decided on the area of interest on your blog that could make some money for you.

Conclusion- selecting the precise niche is the primary and the most essential step for beginning a new blog.

Design of your blog

Blogging platform? Check!

Blog niche? Check!

Domain call? Check!

“The first impression is the remaining impression”, that’s the chant we follow for a blog.

Blog layout is the most important component of your blog because a good layout will ensure that your traffic will love your blog. In reality, that is how your readers will remember your weblog. Imagine your blog design as you with a pleasant outfit.

In WordPress, there may be a idea referred to as “WordPress subject matters”. These are ready-made designs which can be to be had for all varieties of blog.

There are many free and Premium WordPress issues obtainable. I always recommend to head for a top rate subject matter because you'll get all the support and starter guide, and furthermore, you may have a nice layout to your blog.

There are many extra top class WordPress theme clubs available, but I advocate any of the above two for a expert begin.

WordPress plugins

There are heaps of WordPress plugins accessible. Below I have noted handiest those plugins which you should deploy from day one.

Here are plugins that you should have in your newly created WordPress blog:

  • WordPress search engine marketing with the aid of Yoast
  • ShortPixels
  • WP Super Cache 
  • Jetpack via WordPress.Com

There are many greater plugins, however the above plugins will make certain that you have all of the basics plugin set up on your weblog.

If you have observed, all of the steps till now, your blog is up and geared up.

Now, comes the element which you ought to be doing over the time period and that is including new content material.

Plan your content

Before you start writing your first blog put up, you ought to make a content material plan.

You can use an excel or use a Trello board. Here is a loose Trello content planning board that you could use.

Content planning board

This Trello board additionally comes with a tick list that will help you write the right article. Click on greater on the right sidebar and click on on copy board.

In the article thoughts, write down all of the content material that you could write. You can also create an outline of the content material if you like.

It’s a great idea to do this in one sitting and subsequent time you could begin writing your content material (one by one).

Writing your first Blog put up

Now, this is in which the actual fun starts offevolved, writing your first article.

I will share some of the articles hyperlink underneath to get you started out, but right here are few hints as a way to make certain you don’t make mistakes a amateur typically makes:

  • When you are writing your content, imagine there's someone sitting subsequent to you, and you are speaking to the character. Write inside the first person tone, because there may be a single character who is studying your weblog. For example, you are studying this weblog publish by myself. That is why you might note, my tone is “I” and “You”.
  • Your content material should cover all of the issue of the topic you are writing about. Feel loose to put in writing one thousand+ words.
  • Do no longer copy pix from Google. Rather use these web sites to down load free to use pix.
  • You also can embed motion pictures from YouTube. Here is an instructional on how to do that.

If you wanna skip the general crowd and stage up your running a blog sport, then examine my manual on SEO copywriting. This will make sure anything you may write will help you power great site visitors from search engine.

Add crucial pages in your blog

Here are some of the important pages, which you should have on your weblog from day one.

  • About web page: Contains element approximately your weblog, and you.
  • Contact page: A page with contact shape. You can use unfastened contact form 7 or Jetpack touch form function to create a touch form on WordPress.
  • Media package page: You don’t want it now, but you should know about it. This web page is wherein you will write about your weblog site visitors and to be had advertising and marketing options.

Driving visitors in your Blog

So, you've got got the whole thing protected and your first weblog submit is live.

Now, the subsequent step is to riding traffic.

Follow the steps cited right here and in an effort to assist your blog to be seen in Google search.

Now, there are numerous techniques which you may use to get traffic for your newly created blog.

Getting social

Once you've got established your blog, make your blog social so that your readers can join your community.

You just need to get commenced and no need to stress, as once more I’m here to manual you with the pleasant assets.

To get social with your weblog, you need a Facebook web page, Instagram account, Twitter account.

Here are sources, for you to assist you to get started here.

Now, Make money from blogging in clean steps

Make money running a blog
There are many approaches through which your weblog can earn passive profits for you.

Here are some of the most famous ways:

  • Google AdSense
  • Media.Internet
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Sponsored content material (Get paid for writing approximately others)
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Direct advert sales
  • Own virtual products like eBooks, Online route

What Else you need to reach the following degree of Blogging:

Learn search engine marketing to power unfastened visitors

SEO is a complicated subject matter and it’s hard to finish it in a unmarried article. Many learners attempt no longer to pay attention on search engine Optimization, and it’s a huge mistake.

Search engine optimization lets you force centered site visitors from natural seek, which in-flip makes extra money for you. There are three center components of search engine optimization:

  • On page search engine optimization: Your content material best, Keyword placement, and different elements.
  • On-Site search engine optimization: Crawling, indexing of your internet site.
  • Off-Site search engine optimization: Backlinks from other web sites.

With the evolution of search engine marketing, I would additionally like to feature two extra right here:

  • Social indicators: Social media performs a exquisite function in enhancing your weblog ranking. Google plus is established to be the high-quality social networking web page to enhance ranking.
  • User revel in: New Search engine optimization is all about giving a great consumer enjoy. Some of the key aspect of properly person experience: Navigation, web site loading, web site design, clarity and so forth.

Getting traffic for your blog

If you have carried out the whole lot as stated above, you may begin getting organic and traffic from social media websites. Now, here I’m sharing some of the chosen posts that will help you force extra traffic for your internet site. Do bear in mind, centered visitors makes more money.

Readership and enhancing your blog

One main difference among a regular weblog and an awesome blog is the detailing.

An A-list blogger generally takes care of every tiny element to ensure that customers enroll in his weblog, and like to be part of it. This is what we name turning one time site visitors into readers. Here are a number of the advance and much less talked techniques to take your weblog to the subsequent stage:

In the sector of blogging, we constantly want that there were a person who can guide us proper from the scratched when we start a brand new weblog.

While that may not be viable however there are masses of resources available. Join the institution and boards related to running a blog and positioned up your doubts, there are heaps of people accessible that will help you out.

FAQ about beginning a weblog?

How do newbie blogs make cash?

Beginner blogs can begin with advert networks like AdSense, Media.Internet and associate marketing to make money.

How many posts should you post day by day?

The idea is to be everyday with posting. You can target one put up an afternoon and if you are growing lengthy-shape content (over 2000 phrases plus), even 2-3 per week is a awesome variety.

When should you start placing commercials in your blog?

It relies upon on what type of ads you need to put. Check out make cash running a blog guide to expertise diverse options you've got.

You ought to examine our earlier manual on whilst must I start the usage of Ads on my weblog.

Welcome to the arena of Blogging!

I tried to cowl as lots as I may want to for a amateur to get commenced, however in case you nevertheless have a query to your thoughts earlier than beginning your new blog on WordPress, feel loose to give us a shout through comment.

Do proportion this begin a blog manual with others who desired to create a weblog for a while.

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